DIYthinker Marine Life Snail bluee Illustration Anti-Slip Floor Pet Mat Square Home Kitchen Door 80Cm Gift
Return to nature: Make your Dog eat more like nature's intentions, let your Dog chase food through the maze of ridges and valleys, which makes dinner feel more like a hunt
Slow Food: Designed to slow down feeding but not to frustrate the Dog because it will swallow all food as quickly as possible. Limit the amount of food your Dog can get every bite
Functionality: For dry or wet foods, suitable for dogs of all sizes, large, medium and small. With a slow feeding Dog bowl, your furry friend will eat a healthier, more balanced meal.
Slow feed Dog bowls are not guaranteed to completely prevent bloating, reflux and canine obesity, but we can help change the eating behavior that often causes it
Made from non-toxic food safety ABS material, our slow feeder Dog bowl is made of non-slip rubber to prevent food spillage and slippage.
BLACK Orvis Natural Step Dog Ramp by Orvis
25 Count 6 inches Beef Esophagus for Dogs 6 25 Pack 100% Natural Dog Dental Treats from 123 Treats
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