Vibrant colors are easy to see at all times!
★The product is hand-made with oil skin, fashionable and uniquely designed for large and medium-sized dogs.
★Pure suede leather chest back is breathable, comfortable to wear, has certain elasticity, no glue smell, is a dog's healthy personal products,
★Suitable for boxers Dubin Horse Dog Bit Bully and other large and medium dogs.
★With handles for traction, environmental protection, no pollution.
12.5Kg Pointer Salmon Burgers 12.5 kg
Camouflage 1 Camouflage 1 Deluxe Multi Cat Tower Multifunctional Removable cat Climbing Frame, Cat Toys, cat Jumping Taiwan, Cat nests, (Camouflage), Camouflage, 1 (color Camouflage, Size 1)
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