Fits for 26 inch (65cm) dog's neck size FDT Artisan 26 inch Black Leather Dog Collar with Brass Plated Decor goldish Fineness
Material: The rattan strip of plant fiber is refined and weaved and refined. It is cool and comfortable, absorbs sweat and breathes, and is easy to clean.
Features: plant rattan, cool and comfortable, comfortable and skin-friendly, green and environmentally friendly, highlighting quality
Details: The curved design space on the back and top is larger. The built-in stainless steel rim structure is firm, durable and the ground is moist, so you can enjoy a good sleep.
Easy to clean: washable, durable and shrinkable. Simply throw it into the cleaning solution for easy cleaning and care.
Delivery: We will ship within 1-3 days, delivery time is 15-21 days, if you have any questions, please contact us.
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Dark Choco Brown, Light Sand Brown Small Dark Choco Brown, Light Sand Brown Small TOUCHDOG 'Sherpa-Bark' Original Designer Fashion Pet Dog Coat Jacket, Small, Dark Choco Brown, Light Sand Brown
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